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Welcome to jbaileywebsite, the home of Joseph Bailey Web Design and Development!

Hello! You have found the website for Joseph Bailey Web Design and Development! Joseph Bailey is a web designer and developer in Akron, Ohio. Joseph Bailey Web Design and Development is freelance, and I can set up webpages for you or your business. Whether you just want a personal site on the web or you’re a business owner who needs a site set up to sell your product, I can help you! I can set up anything from a small personal website that just uses html and CSS to a big corporate website that uses a database with millions of records.

Contact me if you need help with front end, back end, database, or all of the above. Proficient in programming, I can program in a number of languages including PHP and ASP.net. Also, I can program a database and I know SQL in Oracle and SQL Server. Whether you need a corporate website, a blog, or any other personal website set up, I’m your man! To contact me, you can use the contact form on this website or do so via e-mail at jwbailey@sbcglobal.net. Thank you.